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Charleston SC Skyline Prints

With an estimated population of just under 1 million people in the metropolitan area, Charleston, South Carolina is the 2nd largest city in the state. It has quite a few popular tourist attractions such as the South Carolina Aquarium, Confederate Museum and the famous Pineapple Fountain. Despite being an urban environment, Charleston also has quite a few natural attractions that it sits along, such as the Cooper River, Waterfront Park, and the Waterfront Trail. Spanning the Cooper River, there is the memorable Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge which is hard to miss coming into the city. Over the smaller Ashley River there are the more vintage Drawbridges unlike the modern and sleek new bridge over the Cooper. All of our beautiful photos of downtown Charleston and the Charleston skyline are available in the usual color schemes such as standard color, black and white, or sepia as well as any custom request you may have such as a color splash on your skyline art. Take a piece of the South home with our Charleston skyline art. 

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