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Helicopter Aerial Photography

Helicopter Based Photography

  • Helicopter based aerial photography provides a perfect mid to low altitude view for any type of project.
  • More costly, but able to use the highest resolution 51 megapixel DSLR cameras and telephoto lenses for the best aerial shots possible.
  • Due to the speed of the aircraft, helicopters are a cost effective option for covering many projects across a large area.
  • Hire a photographer for aerial photography in congested urban areas or for projects located within busy airspace where drones and fixed wing aircraft are not as effective. 
  • Ability to get waivers for aerial flights inside the SFRA (Special Flight Rules Area) around Washington DC.
  • Contact our affordable photographer for your aerial photography needs. Jobs start at $600 per hour.

 Drone Photography

DJI Inspire 2 Drone

  • Our drone photographer provides a low-altitude perspective (below 400')  that often can't be achieved from a full-size aircraft.
  • More affordable than full-size helicopters, yet able to get much lower than fixed wing aircraft.
  • We fly most projects with our professional 21 megapixel DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter with a Zenmuse X5S Camera and varying lenses depending on the need of the job.
  • FAA Part 107 compliant with a Remote Pilot Airman Certificate.
  • Licensed and Insured for commercial drone photography.
  • Unable to perform drone photography within 15 miles of Washington DC.
  • Drone photography jobs start at $200 per hour.

Fixed Wing Aerial Photography

Fixed Wing

  • Fixed Wing Aerial Photography is more affordable than using a helicopter yet can go much higher than drones for high altitude projects such as real estate, commercial development, large highway projects, bridges etc.
  • Perfect for wide angle aerial photos covering large areas of land.
  • While you can't go as low or slow as a helicopter, you can still capture very nice photos from fixed wing aircraft using telephoto lenses and 51 megapixel DLSR cameras, so fixed wing is a great affordable option for a wide range of photography needs.
  • Fixed-wing aerial photography jobs start at $350 per location.

Get a Quote:

Located in Annapolis, Maryland we easily cover the entire Washington DC - Baltimore region including the Virginia and Maryland suburbs without any travel costs. However, we do many jobs in the entire mid-Atlantic and northeast corridor and across the entire country. Hire a photographer for very minimal travel expenses to clients regardless of location anywhere in the country, especially when we can combine a job with getting stock photography. Contact us for an affordable photographer today. 

SkylineScenes also offers aerial photography service in Philadelphia.

Visit our portfolio page for aerial photography samples of some of the work we have done all across the country here.

Call 816-305-3743 or email bill.cobb@skylinescenes.com for a quote for custom professional Aerial Photography services.