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By Bill Cobb, Published 03/01/2017

We have launched our new website!  Feedback welcome!

It took close to a year to build, but a couple of weeks ago we have finally launched the new website. While the old website was popular and we always had great feedback from users, it was time to modernize and freshen up the website. The new website is a complete rebuild. We hope our visitors will find the website much easier to use.
Here are some of the new features on the new website:

  • The ability for customers to create accounts so they can now easily check on past orders, check to see if orders have shipped and have the ability for custom pricing or invoicing.
  • More extensive descriptions and photos of our products offered.
  • A more comprehensive portfolio.
  • Pages specific to our photography services offered such as aerial drone photography or architectural photography.
  • More ways to interact with the website by leaving reviews and blog comments.

As with any new website, we will have some bugs and bumps as people use the website, so please comment below on what you think of the new website. We would like to know what visitors like or don’t like about the new website so we can work to improve it.
Thanks for visiting!



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